His Kids

As a church we are called to bring up our children teaching them the foundational truths of Scripture and impressing upon them the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that through this ministry in conjunction with family discipleship, the children at CCPC would not know a single day outside of the loving arms of our Father in Heaven.


We offer His Kids Sunday School beginning at 9:30am every Sunday. We work through various biblical curriculums selected by the Children's Ministry Leaders and approved by our Pastor in conjunction with the Church Session. These checks allow confidence and certainty in doctrine that is vital to the spiritual growth of the children and allows parents to be comfortable with the lessons and life application being shared in the classroom.

Current Study: We are working our way through basic theology to lay the foundation for kids to understand the Lord's Supper. In conjunction with families this will allow those that are prayerfully ready to partake to join the church at the Lord's Table on the first Sunday of each month.