Covid Procedure


SUnday School - 9:30 • Worship - 10:30AM

Coronavirus Plan

We have put the following things in place for those concerned with safety and health regarding COVID-19:

1) Santizer is available at both entrances and in the back of the sanctuary at the end of the aisles.

2) We encourage everyone to wear masks in the interest of the health and safety of our older and more at-risk members.

3) We encourage family units to distance themselves from others and try to maintain the 6 feet social distancing recommendations.

4) Those who are comfortable without masks (or cannot wear them for medical reasons) are asked to consider their neighbor and remain at a distance. This requires some consideration as you move about the sanctuary and hallways.

5) We are live streaming the sermon on the College Corner Presbyterian Church Facebook Page:

6) Anyone who is uncomfortable with these measures, is encouraged to stay home, but participate in the life of the church through the Facebook page.

A Pastoral Warning

The church has been adjusting and flexing with the response to the coronavirus. We are seeking to be the church, to follow the commandments of God regarding worship, and to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the congregation. This time of pandemic is to be considered a season in the life of Christ's Church and not a transformation of the way church is to be done. As we understand the coronavirus and life starts to return to the way it was, we should return to gathering in-person for worship. As reports of suicide and depression are on the rise, we must not forget that there are social and psychological benefits to fellowship that go along with the spiritual and heavenly benefits of gathering for worship. There is nothing on this earth that can be compared to the People of God gathering in the Church to sing praises, confess our faith, and to glorify God. So, take your health and safety seriously, but don't let it shift your understanding of Worship!To be with your brothers and sisters in Christ is a privilege that provides a glimpse of heaven and encourages your Christian walk in this fallen world. Love Worship! Worship Online! But long to gather for in-person as God has proclaimed worship should be! Pray for the Church and Pray that we can gather without worry sooner rather than later. - Pastor Jeff