Here’s a question: What do you really need in life?  At least three things:  A purpose to live for;  A people with whom you can live that purpose out;  And a place to give to others. That’s our mission: Love God.  Grow together.  Go and serve.

Love God

We were made for a relationship with God. On Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. We want to help you discover who God is and deepen your relationship with Him.  When we find our truest purpose and greatest joy in knowing God, life makes sense.

Grow Together

God made us for community.  It’s hard to go it alone. We offer you groups where you can grow together with others in your journey in life. Life happens best when we grow together.  Come be a part!

Go and Serve

Whether it’s reaching students in  Young Life, helping at our local community center, The Junction, or serving orphans in Mexico, we want to go and serve people. So, find a place to give to others and they may discover God’s love through you.