6 Acres


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Why Six Acres?

Many years ago, I lived in a mobile home on six acres of land in a small town in Georgia. On some summer evenings, you could drive by and see me outside pushing my little walk behind mower for hours. This became, for me, an abiding illustration of the challenges of living the Christian life. The struggle with the one true God, the pain and anguish, coupled with joys and victories, are the snapshots of the work of sanctification being done. This blog is about struggling with God, learning this God, and knowing that His work in me (us) is progressing and will one day be completed for His glory alone! I pray this will be an encouragement to all who are engaged in the work of the Christian Life!

When We Want More

by: Jeff Schrage



During the pandemic, I recently watched “Waco,” which follows the story of the Branch Davidians in Texas and the standoff that took place over 51 days. It likely gives some creative license to the director, but I expect that the account reflects the real (but very false) beliefs of David Koresh as shared by the few survivors. He believed that he was a prophet of God and would be the one to open the seals mentioned in the Book of Revelation. He read Scripture and knew it well, but he claimed to know with certainty unknowable things in Scripture.

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